i'll be missing you是吹牛老爹P.Diddy在1997年的作品
重新翻唱了警察合唱團的Every breath you take的歌曲

紀念他死去的好兄弟Notorious B.I.G,為此還特別找了
他的遺霜Faith Evans一起合唱!


this right here
goes out
to everyone
who's lost someone
that they truly loved....
Check it out....

Seems like yesterday we used to rock the show
I laced the track, you locked the flow
So far from hangin' on the block for dough
Notorius they came to know that
Life ain't always what it seem to be
Words can't express what'chu mean to me
Even though you're gone we still a team
Thru your family I'll fulfill your dream
In the future can't wait to see if you'll
Open up the gates for me
Reminisce sometime the night they took my friend
Try to black it out, but it plays again
When it's real feelings hard to conceal
Can't imagine all the pain I feel
Give anything to hear half your breath
I know you still livin' your life after death

Every step I take
Every move I make
Every single day
Everytime I pray
I'll be missing you

Thinking of the day
When you went away
What a life to take
What a bond to break
I'll be missing you

We miss you, Big....

It's kinda hard wit'chu not around
Know you in Heaven smilin' down
Watching us while we pray for you
Everyday we pray for you
Till the day we meet again
In my heart is where I keep you friend
Memories give me the strength I need to proceed
Strength I need to believe
My thoughts, Big, I just can't define
Wish I could turn back the hands of time
Us and the six shop for new clothes and kicks
You and me takin' flics
Makin' hits, stages they receive you on
Still can't believe you're gone
Give anything to hear half your breath
I know you still livin' your life after death

Somebody tell me why...

One glad morning
When this life is over
I know, I'll see your face

Every night I pray
Every step I take
Every move I make
Every single day

Repeat over and over then fade to chorus

We miss you (in the background)

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  • kusomao
  • 改圖有進步喔<br />
    城市光廊<br />
  • 明眼人="=++


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  • kusomao
  • 可以阿<br />
    語法用寫的<br />
  • 可以了^0^

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  • 十元
  • 唔..這張好像是我拍的齁<br />
    有時間再出去逛吧..<br />
    我的相機噴了<br />
  • 壞了呀~怎壞的呀~?

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  • 10元
  • 我跟你說<br />
    我終於用夠廣角的鏡頭把SMILE拍下來囉<br />
    去我相本看^_^<br />
    那張是故意要拍給你的喔<br />
    i still remember ^_^<br />
    要畢業了<br />
  • ㄟㄟ~你的新相機嗎??


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  • ayu91035
  • 哇塞~~
  • 我超喜歡他的歌的耶~^^

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  • 10元
  • 對阿,工作第一件事情是分期買了相機,CANON的850IS,一萬多塊,還好我朋友給我"撒密蘇"10000整!現在在努力的朝單眼前進!真的好想你們喔Q_Q
  • 你什麼時後會回高雄呀~!

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  • 10元
  • 我2/6放年假
  • 恩恩~上次阮妹說12月初耶~

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